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All knowledge is worthwhile, but I think some knowledge is more worthwhile in relative comparisons. In other words, some knowledge is useful, but its learning costs are high (time and energy). People always think that as long as a certain subject is given to them, certain benefits can be achieved, and they completely forget whether those benefits are sufficient. For example, when a person can memorize the names of every region and country in the world, there may be some usefulness during travel, but this usefulness is very small. However, some language-like knowledge can be very useful and useful in many fixed scenarios.
From my personal experience, I think language type knowledge is important to me because as a second language learner, I need the hub of language to absorb all other knowledge now. To sum up, I personally think that language learning is the most knowledgeable knowledge, but everyone will have different ideas based on their different experiences. What people need more is to judge the importance of knowledge and learning costs.