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The most worthwhile knowledge in my understanding is the valuable knowledge that mean something for one person’s life. In my opinion, knowing what you are good at is the most worthwhile knowledge. In the other word, it means finding the talent of yourself. Because finding the highlight ability of people could bring confident, more importantly, it help people define their suitable career might be. It doesn’t need to be peculiar skills, it could be a creative mind or sensibility of number. It is could be anything that people can apply and evolve. Every unique individual has something special due to genes, education and experience. It is a treasure that should be discovered. By finding people’s talents, they would finding the area that they could involve, because they could be no less capable than others ,if they keep improving the ability. And the improvement also build people’ s confidence become more reasonable and certain. To summary, finding the talent of people could be the guide. Doing what people are good at would be easier for people to improve and develop to be the higher levels. People would be less confuse about choosing area of working.