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From my own perspective , I think the most worthwhile knowledge is to establish a correct concept of life,which including: the view of world, the view of value, and the view of life. Building the right idea is made up of every little detail of our daily practice. In other words, I think the most valuable thing is the scenery we see on the journey of life, and what we gain from it. For example, just like we go to school , the knowledge we learn from textbooks may be useless to us after a period of time, but what we really harvest is the spirit of studying, the attitude of be passionate to study, the determination not to give up easily. Therefore ,there is an old Chinese saying,“吾十有五而志于学,三十而立,四十而不惑,五十而知天命,六十而耳顺,七十而从心所欲,不逾矩.” Which means“People begin to aspire to learn at the age of 15, can stand on their own feet at the age of 30, will not be confused at the age of 40, know what is the destiny at 50, can listen to different opinions at 60, to 70 years old to achieve the follow one’s inclinations, want to do how to do, will not exceed the rules.” As the old saying goes, I think the most worthwhile knowledge is that we have different views on the world and summed up experience at every age, which is our new cognition and accurate positioning of ourselves . We can’t define what the most valuable knowledge is, because it’s different for everyone. People vary in education, income and family circumstances. So I think the most valuable knowledge for each of us is the process of the way we finding the truth,and the human quality that we have.