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Knowledge is a broad idea, usually when we are talking about knowledge we are discussing knowledge of a particular acdamic field such as mathmatics and literature. These knowledge are useful for the development of humanbeing, however, the most worthwhile knowledge is the knowledge of moral values. Moral value is different for everyone, but there’s something we all know that’s bad action such as stealing, bullying, violence. Most of schools don’t teach students all about the moral values, that’s why we often see some people who have high level of education diploma, but have terriblr personal behavior, they never consider what effects will be brought to others becasue of their behavior. Also, the knowledge of moral values is a knowledge that can only be taught when people are young, when they become adults, their behavior is hard to change, even when they realize what they did not only make others unconfortable but also hurt themselves, it’s almost impossible for them to fix their behavior. The knowledge of moral values doesn’t look important, since it can’t bring any scientific improvement to human, but it’s essential for everyone’s life because it’s the only thing that can protect us from hurting each other, otherwise there be contless fights, even wars.