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Jason ZhuXiang

Since economical globalization became a common situation, people tend to define worthwhile knowledge through the economic value it creates, the search for knowledge gradually turns to the search for wealth.
In fact, it is too parochialism to understand the worthwhile knowledge, even though some knowledge has the high potential to make more income such as economics, finance, IT, or even computer programmes, but knowledge like education, history, and literature are also important as the human civilization.

To find the most valuable knowledge, it depends on the person rather than the knowledge. Educational philosophers believe that finding the meaning of education is the most important, so for them, education is the most valuable knowledge. Painters spend their whole lives searching for the most standard colour, and for them, colour is the most valuable knowledge. 1+1=2 is an entirely different value in the eyes of mathematicians and painters. It can be seen that the value of knowledge is determined by interests and people’s subjects.

In conclusion, it is better for people to pursue their own interests than to pursue the value of knowledge. When you are interested in the field, all knowledge will be worthwhile.