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Acquiring knowledge is obtained in the process of learning; a person’s knowledge will continue to accumulate throughout his or her lifetime. The way to define the most worthwhile knowledge is relatively subjective to a person’s value. For instance, an astronaut would consider the knowledge of operating and spacecraft the most valuable assets in life. For a housewife, on the other hand, knowing how to educate the younger generation and providing nutritional balance for the family would be the most worthwhile knowledge for her. Hence, the definition of the most worthwhile knowledge varies accordingly to a person’s role in life. Despite of the differences between these definitions, they would always reflect on what people perceive to be the most valuable thing in their lives. This value comes from a person’s dedication in doing what he or she is compassionate about. The achievement will bring the value to the person after the person devotes time and energy. Astronauts complete voyage successfully; housewife keeps the kids safe and healthy. People acquire knowledge by complete their duty or the area that they are enthusiastic about, which is the most valuable knowledge.