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    nan zheng

    To be honest, I think all knowledge is equally valuable and important. But according to my personal preferences and judgment criteria, awe and challenge are the most important knowledge. The spirit of awe and challenge may sound contradictory, but I think these two characteristics are actually complementary. Only those who truly have the awe of the world can become a good challenger. At the same time, those who do not have the spirit of challenge and have only learned awe can hardly achieve high achievements in a field.

    First of all, about awe, awe is actually a kind of fear. Fear is not a completely negative word, because I think that people who have the feeling of fear tend to have higher moral standards. For example, I am in awe of nature, so I do n’t want to hurt wild animals; I am in awe of fate, so I want to be an upright person; In the end, I am in awe of the vastness of knowledge, so I wo n’t be arrogant because of my ability. Therefore, awe is a knife on people’s necks, reminding people to follow the moral bottom line, reminding people not to do whatever they want. So people should learn to be in awe. From the beginning of human beings, awe and fear are a kind of protection mechanism, not a symbol of the weak.

    People should learn to be in awe of fate, but they must not succumb to it. Therefore, after learning to be in awe, people should learn to challenge. Awe is just a rope that binds human basic moral standards and behavior, not a curiosity about the unknown. The world is vast and knowledge is boundless, so exploration is eternal. People who lose their spirit of challenge seem to build a small house for themselves. Although the house shields them from the wind and rain, people are also imprisoned by this house. A sentence I like very much is this: Scientists are the most romantic group of people in the world, because in their world, there are no miracles and coincidences, because these are called probability. This sentence is a spirit of challenge. So I think awe and challenge are the most important kind of knowledge.

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