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In recent years, what knowledge is most useful to us has become a topic that people like to discuss. With this question comes the question of what experience we can learn that will be good for our future development so that our knowledge is sufficient to deal with the difficulties we will face in the future. Wpinar mentions that self-knowledge is knowledge of most worth.
However, in my opinion, the value of knowledge lies in practicality. I think knowledge is divided into professional knowledge and common sense of life. The common sense of life is the knowledge everyone needs, but also the most valuable knowledge. Everyone needs to survive, and survival requires the accumulation of knowledge. It is with the help of experience that man knows how to make a fire to cook the food. Professional knowledge is the knowledge that people want to study in a particular field further to benefit society. For example, different people need different knowledge, architects need knowledge of architecture, and computer engineers need knowledge of programming. The value of expertise lies in specific areas. Therefore, I think the value of knowledge is related to people’s needs, and specific knowledge shows its value in helping specific people.

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