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I don’t think knowledge can measure value, but if we have to price knowledge, then the price of knowledge is relative.
If we define a value for something, that thing can be called a commodity. Commodities are valuable. They are the product of human labour. For instance, an apple may be worthless to people who don’t like apples. But if you are a severely scarce person in the desert, it can be worth a thousand dollars. Therefore, knowledge’s value can’t be measured.
Knowledge is the same. It is also the product of human labour.
I’m afraid I have to disagree with William Pinar, who mentioned in his article that self-knowledge is the most valuable knowledge. For a knowledgeable person, self -knowledge may be the most valuable knowledge, but for a person struggling to survive, perhaps work skills are the most relevant knowledge.
If we analyze self-knowledge from the perspective of a philosopher, self-knowledge is a summary of past experience. According to David Home, although the results we now get are the result of history experience. However, we cannot use history experience to prove that the necessary relationship exists between past experience and future effect.
In conclusion, knowledge is a way of thinking of predecessors. We can’t measure knowledge in specific value. However we can choose what is valuable to us and create a different future