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As the beginning of primary school, there is a question keeping in mind: what is the reason for citizens to be educated?During the process of schooling, I realized that the importance of education is the ability to acquiring knowledge by ourselves.
Knowledge tends to be a commodity in recent years, higher level education means they have better quality of life. More and more schools compare with other about students’ grades, so they change the traditional way to educate. Pupils are taught in order to gain higher grade or win the prize. As same as my experience, the purpose of education has changed into considerable outcome. While in my opinion, methods lead to knowledge is most essential. There are limited founded theoretical understandings in the world, while the exploration is endless. The main meaning of education is inspiring us to unearth further knowledge. Even though existing knowledge provides us the fundamental idea for higher level theorem, the leading for pupils cannot be ignored. Knowledge should not be located in the range which has been recognized by peer intellectual, but keeps the same speed with time. Overall, I think the methods to explore further knowledge is the most worthwhile knowledge.