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Ranzhe Chen

In my opinion, there is no knowledge that is the most valuable in this world. The knowledge that suits oneself is the most valuable. People at different stages of life have different definitions of the value of knowledge, I think the concept of the most valuable knowledge is a very personal answer. For students, the most valuable knowledge must be the basic knowledge, the knowledge learned in school is the foundation of a lifetime of development, just like the foundation of building a building. If there is no foundation, no matter how high it is useless because it will collapse. For people in different positions, the answer to “what knowledge is the most valuable” is even more different. Those who are new to the job may need more practical knowledge, while those who have worked for a long time may need new knowledge that keeps pace with the Times. Therefore, we choose the most valuable knowledge from different backgrounds and different professions. The most valuable knowledge we need varies at different stages of our lives.
In conclusion, what knowledge we need most or what knowledge is the most valuable for us, the key lies in the social era, the social environment, our interests and hobbies, and our needs in different periods.