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    I am a student come from China, and studies at Corpus Christi College- English 110. As college students to understand what is most worthwhile knowledge, most of us to thinking about worthwhile knowledge which is can help us to go into a great university and fine a great job, having a great future.
    I think most people think of learning as the only way to change their destiny. However, the fact is the most worthwhile knowledge depends on each person’s situation. For example, Study contented with the status quo, just want to get into a good university. -This is uncertain, and no one can predict in the future. Maybe you have learned a lot and didn’t get into university. Is your life plan over? In addition, when you think the most worthwhile knowledge is learning to deal with interpersonal relationships or learning to find the meaning of self-existence in life. At this time, the most worthwhile knowledge for you has gone deeper. Compared to this, the knowledge is more practical in the concept of traditional knowledge.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)